Exposing the fake: smoke into the eyes of a kid to cause tears

Illustration: motolko.help
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На русском языке: Разоблачаем фейк: ребенку пускают в глаза дым, чтобы вызвать слезы
На беларускай мове: Выкрываем фэйк: дзіцяці пускаюць у вочы дым, каб выклікаць слёзы

Among the numerous videos that come today from the Belarusian-Polish border, the editors of motolko.help drew attention to the crying boy, who is filmed by Alexey Golikov, the host of the STV TV channel.

«A minute ago, during the online stream, you could see how this boy was deliberately puffed in the eyes with cigarette smoke to make him cry. Then he went to the hole in the fence and, drenched in tears, said something to our services»,– said a user named Mischa Von Jadczak on Twitter.

Exposing the fake: smoke into the eyes of a kid to cause tears

Photo: Hardy Ahmad / Facebook

The editors of motolko.help found the Facebook page of the boy’s father. If you believe the data on the page, then the father’s name is Hardy Ahmad, he is from the Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah. Among the latest published photos is a walk with his sons in the center of Minsk: the embankment of Svisloch, Nezavisimosti Avenue, the Town Hall and the district of the shopping center Galleria Minsk.

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