Former Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Bessmertny: «It is time for Ukraine to cancel diplomatic and consular relations with Minsk»
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На русском языке: Экс-посол Украины в Беларуси Роман Бессмертный: «Украине уже давно пора разрывать дипломатические и консульские отношения с Минском»
На беларускай мове: Экс-амбасадар Украіны ў Беларусі Раман Бяссмертны: «Украіне ўжо даўно час разрываць дыпламатычныя і консульскія адносіны з Мінскам»

A well-known Ukrainian politician, one of the authors of the Constitution of Ukraine and the former ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Bessmertny gave an interview to the Lithuanian TV channel LRT, where he explained what mistakes are made by the political leadership of Ukraine in relations with Belarus and the Belarusian people, why Kyiv should cancel all relations with Lukashenka and stop ignoring Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya.

Here are some of the politician’s talking points.

  • About canceling relations with Lukashenka: «It is time to break off diplomatic and consular relations with Minsk, evacuate diplomats, and fully support the return home of Ukrainian citizens who are there. They scare us that such a step may increase the front line to 2000 kilometers, but in fact this line has already been laid between Ukraine and Belarus, although, thank God, it has not yet come to an open conflict.»
  • About the important stages for winning the war: «The super important thing for winning the war against the Kremlin is the need to deprive it of the Belarusian and Crimean bridgeheads. It is all clear with Crimea, when Ukraine recovers the south and cuts the Kerch bridge, everything will be in its place there. As for Belarus, it is necessary to develop a joint strategy with our partners and neighbors – Poland and Lithuania – and with the European community.»
  • About Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: «I think that ignoring the Belarusian opposition in the face of Tsikhanouskaya is very bad and not forward-looking. Here, in Ukraine, a Belarusian regiment (I emphasize, the regiment) named after Kastus Kalinouski has been formed, it is quite a large number of people. In Lithuania and Poland, there is a Belarusian opposition, which has every opportunity to form a government in exile, with which the part of the world community that does not recognize Lukashenka’s regime will deal.»
  • About the Belarusians: «At the moment, there is a nation in Europe without its own statehood, and this nation is the Belarusians. Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland de facto border the Russian Federation. […] I love and respect Belarusians very much. They are true Europeans. As soon as Lukashenka’s regime falls, they will quickly and easily integrate into the European community.»
  • About propaganda in Belarus and Russia: «You see, the same speakers sound in Russia and Belarus. But in the Russian Federation 80% support Putin’s actions in the war against Ukraine, while in Belarus 83% do not. That is, I can state for sure – the Belarusians as a nation exist, but Belarus as a state of this nation does not exist.»

You can read the full interview here

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