YouTube added a Belarusian-language children’s channel Baybus to the YouTube Kids app

Baybus YouTube channel
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На русском языке: YouTube добавил беларусскоязычный детский канал Бэйбус в приложение YouTube Kids
На беларускай мове: YouTube дадаў беларускамоўны дзіцячы канал Бэйбус у аплікацыю Youtube Kids

«My 4-year-old son was watching Youtube Kids the other day. And I accidentally noticed your content. That’s how suddenly and unexpectedly we got there in less than a year, which we’re very happy about!»  Yauhen Shapchyts, the producer of the «Baybus» channel, said.

According to the Belarusian Council for Culture, getting into YouTube Kids is quite difficult, applications are reviewed very long and there is a high probability of denial.

It’s important to emphasize that previously through the search of cartoons and fairy tales in the Belarusian language, YouTube algorithms gave Russian-language content, but now the situation is changing. In addition, the total traffic to the Baybus channel will now increase by 15-20%.

And the most important, the channel Baybus already has a lot of interesting content, such as cartoon «Aladki z miodam», video comics «Astsiarozhna: dzietsi!» and fairy tales with Maliavanych.

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