German Dr. Theiss said that it will not stop advertising on state TV in 2021

dr. theiss naturwaren
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На русском языке: Немецкая Dr. Theiss заявила, что не остановит рекламу на госТВ в 2021 году
На беларускай мове: Нямецкая Dr. Theiss заявіла, што не спыніць рэкламу на дзяржТБ у 2021 годзе

A few days ago, the human rights organization Libereco published a report on the monitoring of advertising on state TV channels Belarus 1, ONT and STV. The top 10 among Western companies in terms of the number of advertising placed included the German company Dr. Theiss Naturwaren.

Today, the company responded to DW stating that it retains obligations and agreements on advertising in Belarus for 2021 and reserves the right to revise its advertising strategy for 2022. At the same time, the representative of the company stressed that Dr. Theiss is far from politics.

According to DW, the company has been supplying the Belarusian market with oral hygiene products, painkillers and cold medicines for more than 30 years. Among the brands that the company sells: Lacalut, Natusana, Medipharma Cosmetics, Dolgit and Dr. Theiss. Belarus accounts for 1.4% of all their sales, and the advertising budget in Belarus of less than half a million euros is one of the smallest compared to other countries where the company operates. In addition, it is noted that the company considers state TV an important channel of communication with consumers.

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