Lithuania may close border checkpoints with Belarus if the number of illegal crossings increases
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На русском языке: Литва может закрыть погранпереходы с Беларусью, если число нелегальных переходов увеличится 
На беларускай мове: Літва можа закрыць памежныя пераходы з Беларуссю, калі колькасць нелегальных пераходаў павялічыцца

This was announced on Friday by Agne Bilotaite, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania. The issue of closing checkpoints will be considered if the number of migrants who illegally enter Lithuania from Belarus becomes larger.

«We are strengthening control over vehicles. If we see that these trends [of illegal border crossings — ed.] are intensifying, we will definitely think very seriously about closing checkpoints»,– Bilotaite said.

The Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania visited the border group in Varena, as well as the crossroads of Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. There, the Minister discussed with the border guards the problems associated with the influx of migrants from Belarus, and also noted that it is planned to strengthen control at border checkpoints due to the fact that lately there are attempts to transport migrants in trucks. Yesterday, we wrote that 4 Iraqis tried to get to Lithuania by hiding inside a sealed truck.

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