4 Iraqis tried to get to Lithuania by hiding in a sealed truck

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На русском языке: 4 иракца пытались попасть в Литву спрятавшись внутри опломбированной фуры
На беларускай мове: Мігранты спрабавалі патрапіць на тэрыторыю Літвы, схаваўшыся ўнутры апламбаванай фуры

Today, at the checkpoint of Miadininkai, Lithuanian customs officers found four people in a truck, on which the name of the Belarusian company is indicated, an eyewitness reports.

The video sent to the editorial office of mololko.help shows as armed employees open the trailer. At the same time, the author of the video notes that it was sealed. Two men can be seen immediately, and soon, two more appear from the depths of the trailer. They are detained and laid on the ground by uniformed officers. After that, personal belongings, presumably belonging to migrants, are taken out of the trailer.

One of the sources commented on this situation: «If the truck was sealed, then the migrants got there before the customs clearance. At customs, the inspector is obliged to check the cargo and only then seal it. Access to the customs zone is prohibited to outsiders. It is necessary to find out where the truck was loaded and sealed. Knowing the risks that the driver carries, surely it was the instruction of a boss. Such a ‘discrepancy’ of the cargo may lead to the deprivation of the carrier’s license in the EU».

According to another source, there is also a possibility that Belarusian border guards could put migrants in a truck while the driver was drawing up documents, and tearing off the seals. At the same time, the source notes, Lithuanians check all cars.

Another source told in more detail about seals: «If the seal was violated, or the integrity of the customs cable was violated, this is considered a violation of the customs space. Belarusian border guards would not have released them with such a violation – according to the law, this is not possible. «Belsotra» (the name is indicated on the truck – editor’s note) is a large company, has the status of a customs carrier. There would be a deprivation of this status with all the ensuing costs for crossing the border [with such a violation]. Based on the foregoing, it can be assumed that the truck drove into the Belarusian border under a seal. In neutral zone, migrants would not climb into a trailer under video cameras. Seals, again, have strictly accountable numbers, which are indicated in customs declarations. In general, customs officers are likely to be involved».

4 Iraqis tried to get to Lithuania by hiding in a sealed truck

Belarusian border guards installed a fence right in the middle of the road at the Kamenny Log checkpoint, 25.11.2021 / motolko.help

Later, Giedrius Mishutis, the representative of the State Border Guard Service of Lithuania, confirmed this information. According to him, the truck registered in Belarus was stopped at the Medininkai border crossing point on Thursday afternoon, a Belarusian was driving, and 4 Iraqi citizens were in the car.

«A truck was coming from Belarus, the border guards checked — they opened the doors of the trailer, and there were four men who introduced themselves as Iraqis near the cargo itself»,– the representative of the border department said.

Judging by the photo that the editorial office received, in the evening four migrants were returned to the territory of Belarus. The photo shows that Belarusian border guards, together with armed men, installed a fence right in the middle of the road of the Kamenny Log checkpoint on the Belarusian side. They probably surrounded their belongings and the migrants themselves, but what was happening at that moment is unknown.

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