Is it necessary to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to go to a sanatorium now?

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На русском языке: Для поездки в санаторий теперь нужно быть привитым от COVID-19?
На беларускай мове: Для паездкі ў санаторый цяпер трэба мець прышчэпку ад COVID-19?

The Ministry of Health has amended the document «Temporary recommendations for the prevention of infections and spread of COVID-19 while organizing the work of health and sanatorium-resort organizations».

It is reported that vaccinated against COVID-19 Belarusians «provide a certificate of vaccination or other medical document confirming vaccination against COVID-19». Apparently, going to a sanatorium without a vaccine is now impossible.

At the same time, entering a sanatorium-resort or health organization foreigners are required to provide a negative PCR, or a document on vaccination against COVID-19.

The document also states that at least 75% of employees should be vaccinated at the sanatorium.

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