Will everyone be taken to the army? The conscription assistance service in Belarus has stopped its work

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На русском языке: В армию заберут всех? В Беларуси прекратили работу службы помощи призывникам
На беларускай мове: У армію забяруць усіх? У Беларусі спынілі працу службы дапамогі прызыўнікам

Yesterday the telegram channel «Posmotri, Brekhnya?« reported unconfirmed information that the websites of legal assistance services for conscripts were not available in Belarus. These are the websites Prizivnik.by, Povestka.by and Armyhelp.by, social networks of the latter were also deleted.

After the publication, propaganda cheerfully reported that «the dodgers’ offices have been shut down.» Our colleagues from Mediazona.by tried to contact representatives of the companies and found out that at least one of them is under a non-disclosure agreement.

It is important to stress that all of these companies provided legal juridical and medical consultations to conscripts, simply put, they helped them pass a full medical examination to identify a person with a non-conscription disease, and they also advised them on what to say and what documents to bring to the conscription office. Judging by the reviews of clients, there was no talk about «buying a military ID» or «bribing doctors/military committees«. The cost of the companies’ services varied from 460 to 1990 BYN.

What is the situation with these companies today?

The journalists of Mediazona.by contacted representatives of Prizivnik, Armyhelp, and the Conscript Rights Center. Prizivnik refused to comment on the situation, saying that the interviewee was under a non-disclosure agreement. It’s unknown whether this is about a criminal case.

In Armyhelp, when the reporter asked whether he had reached the correct addressee, the interlocutor replied, «Not anymore» and asked «not to write anything.»

Calling by the phone number from the Conscript Rights Center website, the man confirmed that the number «once» belonged to the company, but refused to say anything about what was going on and added that «the website will no longer work.» At the same time, it turned out that according to extracts from the Unified State Register, all of the companies that were listed on the conscript assistance websites still exist and are not in liquidation.

According to our information, not only the companies listed above, but also others working in this area have faced problems.  One of their clients reported, «They are being closed, and so are all organizations like them.» According to preliminary information, some of the assistance services had been inspected two weeks ago, and information about bribes was verified. It is also reported that representatives of one of the companies were sentenced to administrative arrest.

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