Kavaleuski: The passport project for Belarusians is supported by the European Commission, there are already preliminary agreements on this topic

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На русском языке: Ковалевский: Проект паспорта для беларусов поддерживается Еврокомиссией, есть предварительные договорённости по этой теме
На беларускай мове: Кавалеўскі: Праект пашпарта для беларусаў падтрымліваецца Еўракамісіяй, ёсць папярэднія дамоўленасці па гэтай тэме

During the press conference of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus, Valer Kavaleuski, the representative of the United Transitional Cabinet for Foreign Affairs, revealed few details about the development of a new passport for Belarusians.

According to Kavaleuski, a group of designers and heraldists have already worked on the development of the document, and the idea of the passport has been supported by sponsors.

«It is done not only to confirm Belarusian citizenship, but also for international travel. We consulted a lot with international partners to confirm the idea’s viability. There are preliminary agreements on it, but I can’t reveal all the details. The project is supported by the European Commission, but success depends on whether we get support from individual states,» Kavaleuski said.

About the visit of the Foreign Minister to Minsk

Valer Kavaleuski also responded to the visit of Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto to Belarus:

«Of course, this is a step away from the policy followed by EU countries since 2020. But it is a step of an individual country, whose government officials have repeatedly demonstrated their commitment, including to the Putin regime. So we can’t say that this is a change in the entire EU policy.»

About the regime's attempts to get into the UN Security Council

In addition, Valer Kavaleuski spoke about fighting the regime on international platforms:

«Our task is to stop Lukashenka in the elections to the UN Security Council. Confrontation with the regime sometimes takes place in unseen platforms. That’s why we do it in order to take away the monopoly of the regime to represent the name of the Belarusian people on international platforms.»

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