Kubrakov will arm patrol policemen with quadcopters

Ivan Kubrakov
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Ivan Kubrakov, the Minister of  Foreign Affairs, is planning to arm patrol policemen with quadcopters this year. They will monitor the order where they cannot reach by official car. According to him, special units with drones will be created.

«This year, in order to ensure the safety of citizens and prompt response to offenses, more technical means, in particular mobile video surveillance, will be introduced to help the patrol and post service, which is directly responsible for order on the streets. In particular, quadcopters will be used in places where access to official cars will be difficult. As part of this service, special units will appear that will monitor the operational situation on a certain territory,» Kubrakov said.

He added that the new equipment is planned to be used to control traffic.

Last year, the Department of Internal Affairs of the Gomel Regional Executive Committee already talked about an experiment with the use of drones for patrolling. The drone was used to detect citizens who drink alcohol in public places. For example, a group of drinking men on the shore of Ropovsky Lake was identified from a drone, and then a patrol was sent to them.

Source: Reform.by

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