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На русском языке: Литовские компании продолжают работать с БМЗ, несмотря на санкции ЕС и США
На беларускай мове: Літоўскія кампаніі працягваюць працаваць з БМЗ, нягледзячы на санкцыі ЕС і ЗША

Euroradio found out that Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ) continues to cooperate with individuals and legal entities from the EU, despite the sanctions imposed against the company.

Journalists say that BMZ continues to cooperate with Lithuanian companies Eurologistikos baze and Milca Baltija (it’s notable that Milca Baltija has previously helped Hrodna Azot to circumvent sanctions).

This cooperation exists despite the fact that on March 2, 2022, the EU imposed sanctions on imports and transportation of Belarusian steel products, and in August 2023 imposed targeted sanctions against BMZ.

However, on May 31, 2022, after the sanctions came into force, Milca Baltija signed a contract with BMZ, and on March 2, 2023, a year after the sanctions came into force, BMZ amended its contract with Eurologistikos baze.

According to the documents at the disposal of the journalists, it turned out that Milca Baltija paid BMZ for three orders for UAB Eurologistikos baze for a total amount of about €200,000, while the goods from BMZ, which Milca Baltija purchased, were sent to Turkey.

The journalists emphasize that such actions of the Lithuanian companies can be considered as a violation of the EU sanctions specified in Article 1q of Council Regulation (EU) 2022/355 of March 2, 2022, which prohibit the direct or indirect purchase and transportation of iron and steel and products made of them, if these goods are located in Belarus or originated there.

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