Lithuanian MIA: Lithuania may close the border with Belarus at any time

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На русском языке: МВД Литвы: Литва может в любой момент закрыть границу с Беларусью
На беларускай мове: МУС Літвы: Літва можа ў любы момант закрыць мяжу з Беларуссю

Lithuanian Minister of the Interior Agne Bilotaite says that the Lithuanian authorities are closely monitoring movements of Wagner mercenaries on the territory of Belarus. According to the minister, if necessary, Lithuania can close the border with Belarus and Russia at any time, LRT reports.

“Speaking about the whole situation on the border in general, about the relevant decisions and about Wagner — we have prepared and are preparing relevant draft resolutions in case the situation changes somehow. We are ready to close our border with these countries,” Bilotaite said.

In addition, the minister also spoke about the current situation with the flow of illegal migrants from Belarus to Lithuania. According to her, despite the decrease in the flow of illegal migrants, there’s no peace on the Lithuania-Belarus border, and the intensive flows of migrants on the Polish border can move to Lithuania at any time.

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