Lode denies rumors about the sale of the medical center

Updated: May 30 2022 15:50
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На русском языке: Сотрудники «Лодэ» опровергли слухи о продаже медцентра
На беларускай мове: Медцэнтр «Ладэ» выстаўлены на продаж

The publication Nasha Niva, citing its sources, reports that the medical center Lode is on sale. No other details are available.

We remind that on May 16 all Lode medical centers suspended their work by the order of the Ministry of Health of Belarus. The reason was that «violations of the legislation on health care, sanitary and epidemiological well-being, and licensing in these organizations» were found in the medical centers.

Update:Lode called the news about the sale of the business after the license was suspended the speculation. A special press release refuting this information was published on the center’s website.

«Various rumors have been spread lately about the future of our medical centers due to the suspension of the license. We officially state that all these are speculations that do not correspond to reality, and the distributed information is intended to harm our business reputation,» the statement says.

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