Lukashenka ordered to protect members of election commissions at the «referendum»

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At today’s meeting of the Security Council, Aliaksandr Lukashenka discussed the holding of a referendum on the Constitution. In his opinion, Belarusians will make the «right choice», and the West will not like it.

«I am sure that the people will make the right choice at the upcoming referendum, a deliberate and wise choice. It will be up to the people to decide. Everything that we could do – and we still have time – we did: we conveyed the essence to the people and put the fate of the country in the hands of the Belarusian people. Let them make a decision,» Lukashenka said.

He warned that the campaign would be negatively assessed outside the country.

«But that’s not the issue. The fact is that the West no longer likes this choice. You know that always all referendums and any elections were not perceived there even before they were held. Remember the times past: we haven’t started a campaign yet, they’ve already crossed it out. Moreover, the pressure on Belarus in various areas does not stop and will not stop,» he said.

He went on to talk about the color revolution that the U.S. was supposedly planning, but the result was a «mutiny.» In Lukashenka’s view, $6 billion was allocated for this. Lukashenka warned that the rejection of the referendum will be expressed, among other things, in the spread of rumors about Prosecutor General Andrei Shved, for example, that he came from the United States.

«Until the referendum, all sorts of nonsense will be implemented. Each of you will be threshed. I’ve already been threshed. There is probably no living place left. And here’s each of you. I know that Andrei Shved began to been discussed. That’s not all. Get ready, they will find out what you don’t know: your great-great-grandfathers, your grandmothers. They will also find that you came from America,» he said.

Lukashenka proposed to his subordinates not to pay attention to such messages, but to look ahead, since they have a certain goal.

«We know this very well. So try not to look at it. Look ahead. We have a certain goal – we must come to it,» he said.

Lukashenka called social networks and messengers the main resource of pressure.

«They will put pressure on enterprises, labor collectives, on employees of the education system, healthcare. The main resource is social networks and messengers,» he said.

He also instructed to protect members of election commissions.

«We agreed that these people should be protected in every possible way. And the law enforcement agencies received such a command. Recently, our Minister of the Internal Affairs spoke about this. Even if those who are engaged in state affairs today do not worry. Our situation today is not the same as it was in 2020, and we will be able to protect everyone. That is our sacred duty. God forbid, they will touch at least one person. You know what’s going to happen,» he said.

Lukashenka warned members of the Security Council about additional sanctions. In his opinion, the current escalation was invented by the West because of the referendum. He called it a military blackmail. NATO is increasing its military presence in Eastern Europe because of the vote in Belarus.

«It has already begun – helicopters, drones, shooting border signs, crossing our border. The previously announced temporary arrival of NATO troops in Europe has become a permanent presence. This contingent is even being increased,» he said.

As a result, the main thing, according to Lukashenka, is to ensure a quiet life.

«Of course, the vertical of power, the economic bloc, law enforcement agencies need to take additional measures to ensure the safety and quiet life of people in the coming period,» he said.

He noted that the process of amending the Constitution is coming to an end. It will be strengthened by provisions that ensure the development of the country in the face of threats and challenges. Lukashenka is sure that new dangers will arise constantly in future. He mentioned Kazakhstan an example.

«This is another alarm signal for us, for Russia and other countries of the post-Soviet space. And not just for them,» he added.


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