Putin and Macron discussed the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Belarus

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Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, during the negotiations on Monday, February 7, discussed the de-escalation of the situation around Ukraine, including the withdrawal of Russian troops from Belarus, the Financial Times reports.

According to FT sources, Putin and Macron agreed that the countries will not undertake new strategic military initiatives, discussed the withdrawal of 30,000 Russian troops and equipment from the territory of Belarus at the end of the joint exercises «Union Resolve», which will be held on February 10-20.

It is noted that with the implementation of these points, a «structured dialogue on collective security» may take place in future.

Neither Vladimir Putin nor Emmanuel Macron mentioned any promises following the press conference after the meeting, which lasted more than five hours.

Source: Reform.by

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