Lukashenka’s son flew to Kazakhstan: the information was confirmed

Photo: National Olympic Committee of Belarus
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На русском языке: Сын Лукашенко полетел в Казахстан: информация подтвердилась

Yesterday we wrote that at 10:07 on July 6 a business jet Bombardier Challenger 850 (EW-301PJ), operated in the interests of officials and Lukashenka, flew from Minsk National airport (MSQ) to Astana, Kazakhstan. At that time we also reported that, according to our information, Viktor Lukashenka flew to Kazakhstan.

Today this information has been fully confirmed. In Kazakhstan, Viktor met with the Deputy Prime Minister Eraly Togjanov, with whom they discussed cooperation between Belarus and Kazakhstan in the sphere of sports. During his visit, Lukashenka’s son visited the athletics complex Kazakhstan, Barys-Arena and the martial arts palace Zhekpe zhek.

But it seems that visiting sports facilities and meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister were not the only things he did in Kazakhstan. Yesterday, on July 6, Nursultan Nazarbayev had his birthday, and it is possible that one of the purposes of Viktor’s visit was simply to give presents.

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