Mass dismissals «according to the KGB lists»: Belarusians write about hundreds of dismissals at state-owned enterprises
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На русском языке: Массовые увольнения «по спискам из КГБ»: беларусы пишут про сотни увольнений на госпредприятиях
На беларускай мове: Масавыя звальненні «па спісах з КДБ»: беларусы пішуць пра сотні звальненняў на дзяржпрадпрыемствах

The editors of continue to receive dozens of reports on dismissals of employees at state-owned enterprises based on the so-called «lists» that are sent to enterprises from higher authority, some write that directly from the KGB. It is known for sure that the «lists» include people who signed for alternative candidates during the 2020 elections. It’s also reported that they include those who spoke publicly (or signed appeals) against violence in August 2020, who actively expressed their position and / or were arrested for participating in peaceful demonstrations.

It’s fair to say that the reductions of the personnel for political reasons have been going on non-stop since the period after the 2020 elections, but in recent weeks the situation has escalated again. Here is the current information from the readers of

Molodechno Regional Executive Committee

«In Molodechno, 7 people were dismissed from the Regional Executive Committee for the fact that their names were found in the lists in support of alternative candidates»

Brest Regional Committee of Forensic Expertise and State Committee of Forensic Expertise

«At the Brest Regional Committee of Forensic Expertise, 11 employees have been dismissed this week, one of them is the deputy chief. The reason was his signature for Babaryka«

«30 people were dismissed from Histology Unit at the State Committee of Forensic Expertise for rallies. There are only 2 psychologists left in Minsk»

Minsk Mechanical Plant named after Vavilov

«Dismissals have begun at the MMP named after Vavilov in Minsk. 30 people who participated in the protests were dismissed. There are 130 more people on the dismissal lists. The best specialists are being fired»

National Bank, Belinvestbank and Belarusbank

«In the National Bank, 180 people should be dismissed according to the lists»

«Andrei Sokirko, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Belinvestbank, was dismissed. Everything is led by Chairman Brishtelev and Yermakova. The dismissals are selective, Brishtelev’s undesirables have been removed, as a protege of Yermakova. Before that, three more people were dismissed for participating in events and posts in social networks, some are classified as foreign agents, among them is a dismissed citizen of the Russian Federation and a citizen of Latvia. The ‘clean-up’ will continue».

«An employee of the security department of Belarusbank was dismissed. Before that, he was detained and served 15 days of arrest».

A number of heads of departments and engineers were dismissed from Belenergosetproekt

«Mass dismissals at the enterprises that are a part of Belenergo. In the RUE Belenergosetproekt, heads of relay protection and automation (RPA) and communications departments lost their posts , as well as some engineers. They have been fired according to the lists sent from the State Production Association»


«At the Kommunarka factory, the dismissals of workers who voted for Babaryka, Tsikhanouskaya and for participation in the protests is resumed. Every day 2-3 people are fired. Every day. According to the plan, 300 people should be fired… the class of a specialist, seniority, age, marital status — it doesn’t matter…»

National History Museum and National Library

«At the National Museum of History and Culture of the Republic of Belarus, 49 people are dismissed for disloyalty according to the lists from the KGB. The entire staff is about 170 people. The new director instead of protecting people who work for pennies, went on vacation for two weeks»

«At the National Library, many of the leading employees have already been fired, and contracts are not renewed»

If you have any information about recent dismissals at state-owned enterprises, please let us know and write to @motolko_bot

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