Vitaly Sinitsky, the owner of the Titan and Tivali business center, was released
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На русском языке: Вышел на свободу Виталий Синицкий — владелец БЦ «Титан» и «Тивали»
На беларускай мове: Выйшаў на волю Віталь Сініцкі — уладальнік БЦ «Тытан» і «Цівалі»

The Telegram channel «Posmotri, brekhnya?» published unconfirmed information about the release of businessman Vitaly Sinitsky, who was detained in late September. A little later, the publication NashaNiva confirmed that Sinitsky was released last week. According to them, he has already paid $10 million of «compensation». Now he is in Belarus and doesn’t plan to leave the country.

Vitaly Sinitsky has the 38th position in the rating of the Yezhednevnik. He is a co-owner of the holding Sigmapolus, which owns the business centers Titan, Tivali, Orlan, Volna, Ankor and others. He was detained in late September, it was reported that Sinitsky filed a report on himself, where he asked the tax authorities to check his activities in order to bring it «in line with the law» and eliminate shortcomings, if any.

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