Minus 120 million: 2/3 of all funds were withdrawn from Absolutbank in six months

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На русском языке: Минус 120 миллионов: Из Абсолютбанка вывели 2/3 всех средств за полгода
На беларускай мове: Мінус 120 мільёнаў: З Абсалютбанка вывелі 2/3 усіх сродкаў за паўгода

Euroradio publication noted that from April 1 to October 1 2021, the number of customer funds on the accounts of the Belarusian Absolutbank decreased by 120 million rubles, which is minus 62.1%. When on 1.04.2021 the volume of customer funds amounted to 193,536,000 rubles, then as at 1.10.2021 it was 73,345,000 rubles.

Minus 120 million: 2/3 of all funds were withdrawn from Absolutbank in six months

Client funds in Absolutbank, 1.04.2021 and 1.10.2021 / euroradio.fm

The publication suggests that such serious changes in the balance sheet may be associated with the withdrawal of money by Ukrainian deputies Taras Kozak and Viktor Medvedchuk. It is known that at the end of 2020, Medvedchuk and his wife kept about 9.5 million euros in Absolutbank, and Kozak — about 8.8 million euros and $8.2 million. Anyway, it is quite difficult to confirm this information now, but in 2022 a declaration on the income and savings of the deputies for 2021 will be published, from which everything will become known.

Absolutbank is owned by pro-governmental businessman Nikolay Vorobey, who is called the regime’s wallet. At the beginning of the year, Ukraine took away the oil product pipeline from the businessman, and later Vorobey came under the sanctions of the United States and Switzerland. After that, he signed the bank over top managers of his other companies.

We remind that on August 9, Absolutbank came under US sanctions. All property and assets of individuals and legal entities that were sanctioned were automatically blocked in the United States, and US citizens are prohibited from conducting any financial transactions with them.

On August 18 of this year, Absolutbank published a notice in which it announced that it was ceasing to service VISA cards and Western Union money transfers.

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