Modernization of barracks for the Russian military is being finished at Luninets airfield

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На русском языке: На аэродроме в Лунинце заканчивают модернизацию казарм для российских военных
На беларускай мове: На аэрадроме ў Лунінцы заканчваюць мадэрнізацыю казармаў для расейскіх вайскоўцаў

Media-Polesye reports that emergency modernization of barracks at the military airfield in Luninets, which will be used by the Russian military and should be ready for military drills that start on January 16, is being finished.

Due to the urgency of putting the facility into operation, various organizations were involved in the major construction. You can see what these barracks looked like before the modernization in photos.

Modernization of barracks for the Russian military is being finished at Luninets airfield

Sources of the media reported that the work is carried out under the supervision of armed people, and the materials and equipment used for the barracks are the most modern. It also turned out that when entering the construction site, all those who work at the site have their phones confiscated.

It’s reported that at the moment the road at the entrance to the military base has been completely reconstructed, and even centuries-old trees were cut down to widen it.

We recall that in February-April 2022, the airfield in Luninets was actively used by the Russian Armed Forces. Aircraft takeoffs and missile launches were conducted from there. At the peak of the use of the airfield, there were several dozen Su-25 and Su-24 aircraft, as well as S-300/400 SAM systems. At the beginning of April, Russian aircraft left the airfield.

The Belarusian Hajun has also repeatedly reported on the construction at the airfield in Luninets. Large-scale construction work was recorded on satellite images dated August 7, 2022. The territory was already being cleared for the construction of new facilities. We also note that the first rumors about possible «big construction» at the airfield emerged back in January 2022.

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