Nasha Niva: the KGB arrested 44 employees of the Academy of Science
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На русском языке: «Наша Ніва»: КГБ задерживал 44 сотрудника Академии Наук
На беларускай мове: «Наша Ніва»: КДБ затрымліваў 44 супрацоўнікі Акадэміі Навук

Nasha Niva, citing its sources, reports that last week there were a number of arrests of employees of the Academy of Science of Belarus.

Among other things, the publication learned that three scientists from the Institute of bioorganic chemistry of the KhimpharmSyntez scientific and industrial center were arrested and later released under a non-disclosure agreement. There were also arrests at the Institute of Physics and Technology and the Presidium of the National Academy of Science.

It is reported that employees of academic institutions had their phones checked (looked through the photo gallery and Telegram). Some were offered cooperation with the security services.

At least 5-6 people were sentenced and sent to Akrestsina temporary detention center. The publication’s sources suppose that they might have come to the scientist because of the Telegram chat room «Scientists against violence.»

In addition to mentioned above, we also know that at the end of October, the KGB came to scientific institutions and BSU. There were arrests at the Faculty of chemistry of BSU and the Institute of bioorganic chemistry.

We note that our sources confirm that the KGB summoned for interrogation those scientists who were members of the chat room «Scientists against violence.»

Moreover, this is not the first wave of arrests at the institutes of the National Academy of Science of Belarus. For example, there was information about arrests of employees at work back in mid-September. Presumably, those arrests were also related to the chat room.

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