Novopolotsk resident was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment for terrorism

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The Polotsk Court sentenced a resident of Novopolotsk to 11 years’ imprisonment to be served in a correctional colony of a strict regime. The verdict has not yet entered into force. It can be appealed or protested, the press service of the Vitebsk Regional Court reports.

The man was found guilty of attempting to damage the railway tracks, as well as an act of terrorism. This way the prosecution and the court qualified the actions of the accused in October and November 2020. According to the press service of the court, on one of the railway sections in the Polotsk district, the man fixed a fragment of metal wire behind the rails in order to close the rail chain and disable the automatic traffic blocking system, but did not complete his criminal intent due to circumstances beyond his control.

In November 2020, on one of the sections of the road in the Polotsk district, he scattered metal spikes in the path of the «patriotic rally». As a result, the tires of four cars were damaged. The amount of damage amounted to 63,51 rubles.


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