People who look like migrants from the Middle East crowding in the center of Minsk
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На русском языке: В центре Минска толпятся люди, похожие на мигрантов с Ближнего Востока
На беларускай мове: У цэнтры Мінска тоўпяцца людзі, падобныя да мігрантаў з Блізкага Усходу

Recently, on the Pobediteley Avenue near the entrance to the Galleria Minsk shopping center, citizens notice people who look like migrants from the Middle East. Families with children and suitcases are waiting for something, sometimes sitting on the steps of a shopping center or on the parapet of an underpass.

It seems that this is a new location of the route of migrants through Belarus to the EU countries. We remind that the official Vilnius, Riga and Warsaw believe that the Belarusian authorities artificially organized the flow of refugees from the Middle East and call it a hybrid aggression. Officially, the Belarusian authorities deny their involvement.

Previously, migrants were spotted in other locations: eyewitnesses said that they were brought by bus to the site near the Minsk Concert Hall, from where they walked to the Willing Hotel Minsk on Lenin Street, 50, and a taxi was called from the hotel to the IT Time Hotel. They were met by «tented» gazelles near the hotel, where migrants leave all their luggage. And they got into civilian cars with Belarusian license plates.

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