Migrant’s path: from Iraqi Duhok to Minsk in 9 days

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На русском языке: Путь мигранта: из иракского Дахука в Минск за 9 дней
На беларускай мове: Шлях мігранта: з іракскага Дахуку ў Мінск за 9 дзён

At the disposal of the editorial staff was a package of documents of Iraqi citizens who decided to throw them away along with personal belongings. It is known that this is what future migrants do before crossing the border. Among the documents received: an application for visas for 21 people, plane tickets, PCR test results, hotel reservations, insurance, etc.

One document is the «Application for a group short-term visa for the purpose of tourism», which, judging by the date, was prepared on September 21 by the Belarusian travel agency «Oscartour» for submission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus. The petition contains information about 21 persons invited and here it is worth paying attention to several points.

First, the contact person from the travel agency is a certain Al-Asadi Mohaiman Salah. And secondly, all tourists without exception are individual entrepreneurs from the Iraqi city of Duhok. In the column of the place of work, everyone says «Valerazink». It can be assumed that this is the name of some company or street.

Who is Omeed Hasan Ali?

Among the documents received, it is possible to clearly see the route of Omeed Hasan Ali, a citizen of the Republic of Iraq, born in 2000.

September 13 – Ali buys a ticket for a Turkish Airlines flight departing on September 19 at 11:35 a.m. to Istanbul, Turkey, from Şırnak Şerafettin Elçi Airport, which is located near the Turkish city of Cizre not far from the Turkish-Iraqi border.

September 18 – Tests for COVID-19 at Iraqi Xzmat Laboratory.

Migrant’s path: from Iraqi Duhok to Minsk in 9 days

The path of Omeed Hasan Ali to Minsk / motolko.help

September 19 – Crosses the Iraqi-Turkish border and flies to Istanbul from the airport near the city of Cizre.

September 21 — Ali is already included into the list of a Belarusian travel agency Oscartour LLC for issuing a visa.

September 23 – Arranges travel insurance online at the Iraqi insurance company Songa Insurance, which is located in the city of Erbil on Kherut Street.

September 25 — For $1000 buys tickets for flight B2766 of Belavia Airlines with departure from Turkish Istanbul on September 27 at 17:50. Return ticket is on October 2.

September 26 – Gets a PCR test at the Genlab Turkish Laboratory.

27 September 17:50 — Departs from Istanbul to Minsk.

September 27 — Checks into the Minsk Planeta Hotel. Along with him, 24 other people are present in the booking confirmation, probably some of them were with children.

What happened to this man next is not known exactly, but it is obvious that he did not return to Turkey on October 2, since his personal belongings were found in Minsk much later. It can be assumed that Ali went to the border to try, like thousands of his compatriots, to illegally enter the EU.

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