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На русском языке: Пропаганда очень стремилась показать, что с самолётом ДРЛО А-50У всё в порядке
На беларускай мове: Прапаганда моцна імкнулася паказаць, што з самалётам ДРЛА А-50У усё ў парадку

Yesterday evening, propagandists published a video of the A-50U AEW&C aircraft taxiing along the runway — in order to show as if the aircraft was absolutely okay after the partisan attack. This video was shot so as not to show the most important thing.

Today the A-50U AEW&C aircraft took off and flew to the Aircraft Repair Plant in Taganrog. Obviously, if the aircraft is flying for repair, it means that everything is not okay with it anymore.

Immediately after the takeoff, two videos shot from different angles were sent to the Belarusian Hajun. They clearly show the aircraft flying. Most likely, propagandists wanted us to believe them and publish this video, thus legitimizing the narrative «the aircraft is absolutely okay, look, it’s flying, even the Hajun confirmed it». They regularly do this by sending «leaked documents» or similar information to the bots of independent media — because information published in «Zheltiye Slivy» [a pro-Lukashenka propaganda channel — ed.] and similar dumpsters is not trustworthy by default.

Immediately after the aircraft took off, our bot was flooded with spam, fake messages about the takeoffs of MiG, Su, etc. This happens regularly, but such a coordinated attack at an important for propaganda moment is suspicious.

By the way, those two videos were eventually published by pro-Russian and pro-Lukashenka propagandists. Apparently, they didn’t want the content to be wasted, so they decided to publish it for themselves.

The conclusions from all of this are simple:

The aircraft is not okay, because a functioning aircraft doesn’t need to fly for repairs.
The lukashists and rashists really want everyone to think otherwise. Because a strike on one of the most expensive Russian planes is also a good hit on the image of the supposedly all-powerful Lukashenka regime and the Russian army, who have allegedly suppressed any dissent in Belarus.

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