More than half of tax revenues to the budget was provided by the private sector

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The private sector provided more than half of the payments to the budget. This is reported by BelTA citing the Main Department of Tax Authorities Development of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

The share of the non-state sector in 2021 was 53.3% of budget revenues, which is 1 p.p. higher than in 2020. This category of taxpayers contributed 17.861 billion rubles. A total of 33.488 billion payments to the consolidated budget, including 13.736 billion rubles to the national budget, and 19.752 billion rubles – to local budgets passed through the tax authorities in 2021.

Revenues from profit tax increased by 62.5%, from income tax – by 4.5%, and from VAT – by 3.3%.

The Ministry of Taxes and Duties collected 9.17 billion rubles of VAT, 7.884 billion of income tax, 5.128 billion rubles of income tax, 3.487 billion rubles of excise taxes, 1.05 billion rubles of real estate tax, 435.3 million rubles of land tax. Organizations responded to 95.3% of tax payments.


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