Russian fighter jets «intercepted» a Belarusian one during exercise

Screenshot from the video
4 mins

Russian Su-35 fighters practiced interception of an airplane that conditionally violated the airspace of the Union State. The conditional enemy was a Su-30SM plane of the Belarusian Air Forces.

As part of the exercise, an on-duty Su-35 was raised on alert from an airfield in Brest region, approached an aerial target, identified it and proposed to land at the nearest airfield via radio communication. When the «intruder» crew refused to comply with the request, the Su-35 performed a number of maneuvers to make it difficult for the «intruder» to move and demonstrated its readiness for combat use of air-defense weapons. The Belarusian Su-30SM landed at the Baranavichy airfield, where it was blocked and its crew was detained by military police, the Russian Defense Ministry reports.


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