Russian media spread fake about the air incident between Belarus and Ukraine

Photo: Sputnik
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Russian propaganda media are spreading a fake report about the alleged invasion of Belarusian military aircraft into the airspace of Ukraine on January 18. The fake was published by the publications Tsargrad, Informing and other resources with a dubious reputation.

The reason for the publications was the so-called Ukrainian telegram channel «Punisher UA», which wrote in the evening of January 18: «Lviv, Lutsk and Vasylkiv were called on military alert due to the enter of three Belarusian fighters on the territory of Ukraine.» The same telegram channel denied the information an hour later.

Despite the denial, Russian media continue to copy the fake, adding new details to it.

Let us recall that these days the rapid reaction forces of the so-called Union State are being tested on the territory of Belarus. Units of Russian troops arrive in Belarus. At the second stage of the test, from February 10 to 20, a joint exercise «Union Resolve — 2022» will be held.


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