Images of Russian Su-25 and S-400 near Luninets appeared on the Internet

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New satellite images of Russian units on Belarusian territory have appeared on the Internet. User Chris Biggers claims they were taken in early February.

In his opinion, the images show Su-25 attack aircraft and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems deployed near Luninets. The satellite image of the Su-25 really looks like an airfield near the district center.

Officially, the Ministries of Defense of Russia and Belarus reported about the deployment of S-400 air defense systems at the «Brestski» training ground. At the same time, daily reports of the Belarusian Ministry of Defense on the «Union Resolve – 2022» exercise over the weekend mentioned that Russian Air Force assault aircraft were practicing their support of defending troops at the «Luninets» area.


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