Situation report on military activity on the territory of Belarus for March 18 by Hajun
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На русском языке: Оперативная сводка от Гаюна за 18 марта о военной активности на территории Беларуси
На беларускай мове: Аператыўная зводка ад Гаюна за 18 сакавіка аб ваеннай актыўнасці на тэрыторыі Беларусі

Hajun Project published a situation report on military activity on the territory of Belarus as of 07:00 March 19.

Columns of military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces with the «V» marks continue to move through the territory of Belarus (here, here, here, and here). These are mostly Ural and KamAZ trucks (carrying both materiel and personnel), as well as fuel tankers.

The transportation of military equipment by rail has also been spotted. Thus, a train with military equipment, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and self-propelled artillery, was seen unloading at the Muliarauka railway station (Petrykau district, Gomel region). It is also known that a pontoon bridge is being built in Petrykau across the Prypiat River, through which it will be possible to get to Lelchitsy district, which borders Ukraine.

The greatest flight activity was recorded at military airfields in Baranavichy (here, here and here). Helicopters also departed from the airfield in Vialiki Bokau (Mazyr district, Gomel region). At the same time, there were practically no aircraft departures  from the military airfield in Lida (Grodno region) since yesterday evening . It is likely that some aircraft were relocated to airfields near the border with Ukraine.

An-124 transport aircraft of the Russian Air Force was recorded arriving at the military airfield in Machulishchy. According to available information, the aircraft delivered three Tochka-U ballistic missiles. It is notable that these vehicles were taken off the long-term storage. This is evidenced by the marks on the tires (I, II, III, IV), which are used to spin the wheels in order to reduce the wear of rubber. Later, the convoy with Tochka-U was spotted in Pukhavichy district, Minsk region.

Strikes on the territory of Ukraine by operational and tactical missile systems continue. Thus, at least 7 missile launches were recorded from the territory of the Mazyr district, 3 from the Kalinkavichy district, and 7 from the Khoiniki district. Information about the firing position of the missile forces units, which is located between the villages of Podluki and Luki (Kalinkavichy District, Gomel Region), was approved.

Satellite images of the area near Khoiniki (Gomel region) by ImageSat International  show a new base of the Russian Armed Forces with at least 13 tents and 13 helicopters.

Movements of units of the Belarusian Armed Forces were insignificant.

If you have any additional information on the movement of military equipment on the territory of Belarus, please write to @HajunBYbot or via the contact form below

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