Stsiapan Latypau sent a kite from the colony to a little boy

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Stsiapan Latypau, a political prisoner and activist of the «Square of Change», told about a gift for a little boy, which he made and sent him in a letter. Details of the story are given by human rights activists.

«There are simple things that can be done right now. For example, to make a kite for one little boy,» he wrote. According to him, the most difficult thing was to weave ropes on the bridle and tail.

«And the funniest part is running around the cell trying to pick up the tail. Fly as much as you want,» Latypov turned to his little pen pal. He put the kite in the letter.

Latypau was detained in the autumn of 2020. He was one of the active members of the courtyard community at the «Square of Change». He defended the mural, which was now and then painted over by public utilities under the protection of law enforcers. He was accused of organizing and preparing actions that grossly violate public order, resisting a police officer and fraud. The last accusation concerned his work — according to investigators, Latypau misled customers when providing chemical plant protection services. He was sentenced to 8.5 years in a high-security penal colony. Human rights activists recognized him a political prisoner.

Stsiapan Latypau sent a kite from the colony to a little boy

The kite from Stsiapan's letter / Source: Viasna

Human rights activists remind that you can write to a political prisoner at the address: Penal Colony No. 22, 225295, Brest region, Ivatsevichi, Domanovo station, PO Box 20, Stsiapan Siarheyevich Latypau.


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