«No answer»: Peskov did not answer the question whether Russia is ready to transport Belarusian potash

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На русском языке: «Без ответа»: Песков не ответил на вопрос, готова ли РФ перевозить беларусский калий
На беларускай мове: «Без адказу»: Пяскоў не адказаў на пытанне, ці гатовая РФ перавозіць беларускі калій

Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov refrained from answering the question of whether Russia is ready to assume the transportation of potash from Belarus, Interfax reports. In addition, he did not answer the question whether Putin is planning to discuss this topic with Lukashenka.

«I will leave your question unanswered. It’s a sensitive substance. Belarus is our partner, we do not abandon it and will not abandon it,» Peskov said.

Belarusian state media immediately began to relay his words that «Lukashenka will not be abandoned», while omitting the words about the transportation of potash.

It became known yesterday that Lithuania terminates the contract with the state railways for the transportation of Belarusian potash on February 1. The Cabinet of Ministers of Lithuania agreed that the agreement between Lithuanian Railways and Belaruskali does not meet the interests of national security. This was stated by Marius Skouodis, the Minister of Transport of Lithuania.

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