The Czech company AŽD admits that it continues to cooperate with the Belarusian Railways

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На русском языке: Чешская компания AŽD признала, что продолжает сотрудничать с БелЖД, но делает только самые необходимые работы
На беларускай мове: Чэшская кампанія AŽD прызнала, што працягвае супрацоўнічаць з БЧ, але робіць толькі самыя неабходныя працы

Last week we wrote that a major Czech supplier of technological installations in the field of railway transport safety – AŽD Рrahа company – continues to actively supply and install equipment for the Belarusian Railways.

It was reported at that time that representatives of AZD had come right from the Czech Republic to install the new equipment at one of the railway stations in Gomel. A little later, this information was confirmed by @belzhd_live telegram channel, which reported that employees of AŽD Praha were installing microprocessor interlocking of points and signals at the following stations: Gomel-North, Gomel-Chetny, Gomel-Nechetny.

And today, the Czech company has commented on the situation, saying that they indeed continue to work in Belarus, but they don’t think they violate any sanctions. The representative of AZD Praha Jiří Dlabaja said that several technical specialists of the company are currently in Belarus, but according to him, the specialists perform only the most necessary works.

«This procedure means huge economic losses for AŽD, but our company has clearly accepted them,» Dlabaja said, claiming to follow the sanctions.

In addition, the company chose to emphasize in its statement that it had fought hard with Russian companies for every Belarus’ order. And by ceasing operations in Belarus, «Russian competitors will freely get the market without a fight.»

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