The locomotive derailed in Bryansk oblast probably belongs to the Homiel depot, — expert

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На русском языке: Локомотив, пущенный под откос в Брянской области, вероятно принадлежит Гомельскому депо, — эксперт
На беларускай мове: Лакаматыў, які пусцілі пад адхон у Бранскай вобласці, верагодна належыць Гомельскаму дэпо, – эксперт

Fresh photos that appeared on the internet clearly show that the locomotive derailed in Bryansk oblast definitely belongs to the Belarusian Railway. It can be identified that it is a locomotive of 2TE10 series, which, according to the expert, are assigned to only two depots in Belarus — Homiel and Vitsiebsk.

«No doubt, the locomotive belongs to the Belarusian Railway. The locomotive of the 2TE10 series, such of the Belarusian Railway are assigned to two depots —Homiel and Vitsiebsk. Each locomotive has two unique numbers — a serial number and an eight-digit code.

The logo of the Belarusian Railway is also visible on the open wagons. But the tank cars seem to be Russian. It is not quite correct to say «the train belonged to the Belarusian Railway», because some of the cars in the train may be of one railway, and some of them may be of another. But as for the locomotive of the Belarusian Railway, there is no doubt,» the expert said.

According to him, it is quite difficult to see the numbers on the published photos/videos. However, it is highly probable to assume that the locomotive 2TE10UK-0196 with number 16343543 that is assigned to the depot TCh-8 Homiel could have derailed in Bryansk oblast.

Also, @belzhd_live confirmed to MotolkoHelp that the locomotive derailed in Bryansk oblast was assigned to the Homiel depot. However, according to them, it could be another locomotive of the depot.

As soon as more details and exact data about which locomotive was damaged in Bryansk oblast are available, the information will be updated.

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