The Ministry of Information blocked Gomel media Flagshtok

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На русском языке: Мининформ заблокировал гомельское издание «Флагшток»
На беларускай мове: Мінінфарм заблакаваў гомельскае выданне «Флагшток»

In Belarus, at the request of the Ministry of Information, the website of the Gomel media outlet has been blocked. This is at least the second blocking of the website. It was first blocked after the 2020 election. Like many other blocked media, Flagshtok still remains in the Telegram app, you can subscribe to its channel.

Before the presidential elections of 2020 in Belarus, media blocking occurred relatively rarely, but since August this phenomenon has become commonplace for the ByNet. The list for blocking includes most of the independent media in Belarus, from the largest to regional media with a low coverage.

The Flagshtok publication is named in honor of the 60-meter pole for the national flag in Gomel, for the installation of which Belarusian authorities spent $ 500,000. Nobody asked people’s opinion — the flagpole was non-negotiable. It was set solemnly, with songs, dances, harlequins and a military parade. The flagpole immediately gained fame and became a symbol of the asymmetric infusion of budget funds into the pro-regime propaganda. And on August 16, 2020, one of the protesters removed the national flag from it and raised the white-red-white one.

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