The office of the owners of «Ostrov Chistoty i Vkusa» was searched today

Ostrov Chistoty i Vkusa
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На русском языке: В офисе владельцев «Острова чистоты и вкуса» сегодня был обыск
На беларускай мове: У офісе ўладальнікаў «Офис чистоты и вкуса» сёння быў ператрус

This was previously reported by the telegram channel «Posmotri, brekhnya?» The information is confirmed by several sources. The search took place in the office of Romax on Kulman street in Minsk, which, among other things, owns the discounter chain «Ostrov Chistoty i Vkusa».

It is preliminary known that they were looking for the director of the chain. It is reported that the employees were kept in the office all day, some documentation and equipment were seized.

Searches also took place at their warehouse and production site. According to unconfirmed reports, some people were arrested. Nasha Niva earlier reported that the search might have been conducted by the Department of Financial Investigations.

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