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На русском языке: Обмен пленными проходил через аэропорт «Гомель»?
На беларускай мове: Абмен палоннымі праходзіў праз аэрапорт «Гомель»?

Yesterday it became known about the exchange of 215 servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for politician Viktor Medvedchuk and 55 servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces. There is a good reason to believe that the logistics of the captives took place using Homel airport.

What facts indicate that?

▪️ The Kremlin news agency TASS published a video of the arrival of a transport aircraft (registration number RA-76669), which delivered 55 servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces and unrecognized LNR, at Chkalovsky military airfield. We reported that, according to our information, the aircraft with the mentioned number had landed at 14:40 on September 21 at Homel airport and left at 22:30 of the same day.

▪️ Yesterday the police were active in Homel region: additional patrols were stationed. Most likely, to ensure the secrecy of the exchange procedure.

▪️ According to the publication Flagshtok, the staff of Homel airport was isolated in the airport building during the exchange of captives.

▪️ The publication Flagshtok also noted that in the video of the exchange of captives, which was spread by the Ukrainian authorities, it is possible to identify the border crossing Novaya Huta — Noviye Yarylovichi (70 kilometers from Homel airport).

Thus, we can state that a transport aircraft (registration number RA-76669) delivered a group of captive servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to Homel airport, after which an exchange took place. The same aircraft took captive servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces.

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