Viktor Romuk, the general director of «Ostrov Chistoty i Vkusa», was arrested

Ostrov Chistoty i Vkusa
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На русском языке: Задержан генеральный директор «Острова чистоты и вкуса» Виктор Ромук
На беларускай мове: Затрыманы генеральны дырэктар «Острова чистоты и вкуса» Віктар Рамук

According to the latest information, Viktor Romuk, the general director of the retail chain «Ostrov Chistoty i Vkusa» was arrested yesterday at Minsk National airport together with his wife Oksana Romuk.

Earlier, the Telegram channel «Posmotri, brekhnya?» reported that one of the offices of the retail chain was searched. The information was further confirmed: the search took place in the office of Romax on Kulman street in Minsk, which owns the discounter chain «Ostrov Chistoty i Vkusa,» and whose founder is Viktor Romuk.

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