The U.S. Embassy will continue its work in Minsk

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The U.S. Embassy will continue working in Minsk. The team of diplomats remains in place. Julie Fischer, U.S. special envoy to Belarus, said this at a press conference for Belarusian journalists.

«The American Embassy in Belarus remains open. We opened our doors in January 1992, and they remain open. Our team is in place and continues to work to advance the interests of the United States and protect American citizens who remain in Belarus,» Fisher said.

«It’s no secret that the Belarusian authorities are taking unprecedented steps to limit our ability to work in Belarus. Just as they are afraid of independent media and people with independent views, they are afraid of an active and engaged diplomatic corps,» she added.

Fisher stressed that the situation with the American embassy was not unique. The Belarusian authorities have taken similar steps with regard to diplomatic missions of other states.

«Now the U.S. maintains an embassy on a reciprocal basis in Minsk, Belarus continues to have an embassy in Washington, and we hope that continues,» Fisher concluded.

Recently, the US State Department authorized the departure of the families of diplomats from Minsk. Citizens of the country are not recommended to travel to Belarus, and Americans in it are advised to work out the possibility of departure. The level of warning against Belarus was raised due to the growth of Russia’s military activity.


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