Turkmenistan demands the recovery of 911 million dollars from a Belarusian enterprise

Garlyk potash mining and processing complex
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На русском языке: Туркменистан требует взыскать у беларусского предприятия 911 миллионов долларов

The publication turkmen.news, citing classified documents, reports that the government of Turkmenistan, represented by the state concern Turkmenkhimiya, has assessed damages from cooperation with the Belarusian enterprise Belgorkhimprom OJSC at $911 million. The recovery is held at the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

In 2018, Turkmenistan unilaterally terminated the contract between Turkmenkhimiya and Belgorkhimprom for construction of the Garlyk potash mining and processing complex, which was being built by Belgorkhimprom. The complex was opened in 2017, but in May of that year, the Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Anatoly Kalinin said that the contractor hadn’t been paid for the work. At the same time, independent journalists from Turkmenistan learned that the complex wasn’t working at full capacity.

Belgorkhimprom responded to the claim that the combine was “built in accordance with requirements,” and problems in the enterprise’s operation occurred because the Turkmen side tried to launch production independently, without the help of Belarusian specialists.

Journalists tried to get a comment on the current situation from Belgorkhimprom, but there was no answer to a written request. On July 7 they said by telephone that the director was on a business trip and the company doesn’t work with media at all.

“We generally do not refute or confirm anything, we do not work with journalists,” the receptionist said.

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