Viktar Babaryka is limited in reading in colony

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Political prisoner Viktar Babaryka, who is in the Novopolotsk colony, wrote in a letter to his daughter that he was limited in reading and was not allowed to read even standing up.

«I don’t have much success in reading. Of the latter: they even try to limit me in reading standing up. Previously, you could at least stand under the roof, but now they require you to go outside and, if it rains or snows, you do not even read in the position of a «scrap horse». So minus 15 minutes of reading. But it doesn’t rain and snow every day. Therefore, I read,» the Headquarters of the politician quotes his words.

According to him, the last book he read was «Dogs of Europe» by Algerd Baharevich.

The ex-banker and candidate for president Viktar Babaryka was sentenced to 14 years in colony of a strict regime. In addition, the politician was left without lawyers – all his defenders were deprived of their licenses. Earlier, he wrote that he was forbidden to perform physical exercises during 10-minute breaks at work, people in the colony are forbidden to communicate with him, and on New Year’s Eve his belongings were searched in his absence.


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