«We don’t need fakes. We need to show the reality»: Lukashenka knows that state media are engaged in manipulation and disinformation – fakes

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На русском языке: «Не надо нам фейки. Надо показывать реальную действительность»: Лукашенко знает, что госСМИ занимаются манипуляцией и дезинформацией — фейками
На беларускай мове: «Не трэба нам фэйкі. Трэба паказваць рэальную рэчаіснасць»: Лукашэнка ведае, што дзяржСМІ займаюцца маніпуляцыяй і дэзынфармацыяй – фэйкамі

Today, during the report of the Secretary of State of the Security Council Aleksandr Volfovich, Lukashenka mentioned the topic of «information security» and used the term «information war», which, according to him, is taking place at the moment. At the same time, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the work in this area and supported the involvement of the State Secretary of the Security Council.

But the notable thing about his words is that he almost directly confirms that state propaganda manipulates by publishing deliberately fake or misleading data – that is, disinformation (fakes). Here is his direct quote:

«We don’t need to follow this way. We don’t need fakes. We need to show the reality. That eventually wins. A fake is just for a day or two. And then it all goes away. So we don’t need fakes. We shouldn’t to provide false, wrong information. It is necessary to do everything with dignity, in a beautiful way, so as not to make excuses later.»

These words, together with the supported proposal, may indicate continuation of the trend and, perhaps, strengthening of the military agenda.

▪️So what should we do, what should people who want to know and spread the truth do?

Create your own channels (especially in regions). Local channels about what’s going on in your district or town is how everyone will be able to counter disinformation.

First of all, it can be done by Belarusians from diasporas. First, it is safe, and second, we all have strong contacts with our towns and districts, where we have lived most of our lives. It is also a direct help to tell unbiased news to your neighbors, friends and journalists.

Channels should be added to dze.news, where all regional information channels are accumulated. Covering most (or better all) regions of the country with independent local channels will make it extremely successful in fighting any, even the most elaborate fakes.

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