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На русском языке: Мнение. «Белорусский порядок» о гибридных правозащитниках
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. «Беларускі парадак» пра гібрыдных праваабаронцаў

The Telegram channel «Belarusian Order» published a post about hybrid human rights defenders, which tells about how and where they came from, why right now and what they offer. Here is the opinion unchanged.

One of the observations during the current crisis is that propaganda began to mirror the rhetoric of supporters of the authorities’ change. Literally, it takes texts about the atrocities of the Belarusian security forces, changes the word «Belarusian» to «Polish» and publishes it. It seems to be a crap, but in this way there is an appropriation of the discourse and its depreciation.

As part of the support of any hybrid operation, it is necessary to involve as many foreigners as possible, preferably from human rights, public and other similar organizations. Not even in order to persuade the audience to their point of view, but to cast doubt and undermine the credibility of the position of opponents. This was often resorted to in the USSR, so Russia did during the war in Donbass.

Then like mushrooms after the rain, unknown structures with «democratic» names and Russian funding came out . They spoke at international forums, promoting the Russian point of view and diluting the agenda. Conditionally, if you can not whitewash the client, then vilify opponents and shift the focus from the crimes of the perpetrator to the fact that both sides are the same.

Something similar is happening now. Dmitry Belyakov, a well-known charlatan, unexpectedly became a Belarusian human rights activist. He is a sinologist, a union integrator, a fake lieutenant colonel of the KGB (in fact, he served in MU 51886), and he is the founder of Infospetsnaz (an anti-Belarusian movement whose activists are fighting the Belarusian language, interfere the educational system, demanding the dismissal of Pro-Belarusian teachers).

Previously, this sneaky Mr. was sharing in cutting Russian money allocated to promote integration within the framework of the Sonar-2050 project (founded by Russian political strategist Semyon Uralov). At different times there fed Shpakovsky, Dzermant, Petrovsky, Avdonin and other propaganda figures. But they didn’t split the money, quarreled and left, Belyakov and several other people from the authors remained. And then there’s a typical work of a propagandist in the resume –  broadcasts on Russian TV, radio Sputnik, trips to the Crimea and Donbass and so on. Details of the biography are in an excellent material of

So, recently Belyakov registered the Center «System Human Rights Protection». It’s not fully understood whose rights he defends, but the main goal is to exploit the real suffering of migrants, and twist the situation in favor of the regime. To implement this task, in addition to being on air, he is trying to organize a «human rights conference» in Minsk. A number of European human rights defenders have received invitations from him. Specifically in this case, the propaganda didn’t succeed, all serious structures ignored it.

But such attempts will become more frequent. The regime formalizes its actors into pseudo-social organizations, and will sell them to Europeans. Like Mr. Voskresensky, who travels around European capitals and tries to take pictures with at least someone.

What’s the conclusion? While real human rights defenders are in prison or forced to leave the country, crooks and fraudsters come to the fore. What is the regime — such are are the social activists.

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