Opinion. Mikita Salavei on mask mandate abolition

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На русском языке: Мнение. Никита Соловей об отмене масочного режима
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. Мікіта Салавей пра адмену масачнага рэжыму

Mikita Salavei, infectious disease doctor and doctor of medical sciences, on his Facebook page reacted to the decision of the Ministry of Health to abolish mask mandate. Here are his words unchanged.

From the official channel, sorry for this name, «Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus»: official comment to resolution №111 of October 20, 2021. «The requirement of mandatory use by individuals of personal protective equipment when visiting objects, organizations, automobile-, with the exception of personal cars, air-, water-, railway transport, including subway, has been excluded».

Let me explain in human language. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most likely not even at the peak of the incidence, when clinics and hospitals of health care institutions in all regions of the country are crowded with COVID-19 patients, lack of oxygen, medicines (there’s no tocilizumab in many places, remdesivir, which ideally should be prescribed to all oxygen-dependent patients as early as possible, is gone extremely fast, not having time to appear after another limited purchase, etc.), when the provision of care to patients with almost all planned pathology is suspended, when many patients, even with acute diseases, are forced to be sent home for treatment, since there is physically nowhere to be hospitalized, without exposing them to the risk of being infected with COVID, the mask mandate in crowded places is abolished. For example, in the subway during rush hour, in shops, shopping centers, etc.

I am not surprised by the position of officials of the Ministry of Health of Belarus. Everything has been clear there for a long time. The main goal of this «ministry» has long been to curry favor with higher officials, and certainly not caring about people, all consistent actions from falsification of statistics on morbidity and mortality from COVID to surprisingly «tactical» decisions clearly testify to this. Officials in the near future will still have to for it to the law and to the Belarusian people. The current precedent of Brazil will help you.

I am surprised by the position of so many of my colleagues. Are there really no real doctors left in the sanitary-epidemiological service, the infectious service, anesthesiology and resuscitation, and other industries, among full-time and freelance specialists, for whom the health and well-being of their own people are much more important than the short-term well-being of a handful of officials? How many more patient deaths a day do you need to get your tongues out of one part of your body and finally start doing everything you can to end the COVID madness? Including influencing key decisions to prevent the further spread of the pandemic. I guess that’s a rhetorical question. But maybe at least someone else can think …

Dear patients! Doctors do not panic. They are doing everything they can to get out of the COVID-19 disaster with minimal losses. Unfortunately, not everything depends on ourselves. Once again, I urge everyone who has not yet done so to be vaccinated as soon as possible, to use masks at least in transport and crowded places, to abolish unnecessary approaches to shops, shopping centers, entertainment events, to take care not only of themselves, but of the people near you, who can often be more vulnerable than we are. Only together we can cope with it!

Recently, Mikita Salavei recorded a video in which he answered in detail all the questions about vaccination against COVID-19.

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