Opinion. «Mythology of Belarus» on Lukashenka’s «war-making» mission

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На русском языке: Мнение. «Мифология Беларуси» о «войнотворческой» миссии Лукашенко
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. «Міфалогія Беларусі» пра «вайнатворчую» місію Лукашэнкі

The Telegram channel «Mythology of Belarus» published a post about how Lukashenka’s role has changed from «peacekeeping» to «war-making». Here is the opinion unchanged.

Speaking about the blackmail of the European Union by the migration situation in order to «force dialogue», one should not be considered a «dialogue» (in whatever format it may be) as Lukashenka’s goal in itself. The resumption of contacts would, of course, be pleasant to him and would allow him to declare his recognition by the West («I bent you yet»).

However, the expected «dialogue» is only a means, not a goal. In fact, the three end products that Lukashenka expects to receive either from the West or from Russia (ideally from both sides) as a result of this risky game with exorbitant stakes are money, money and money.

In case of the West, as a result of the negotiations, the calculation would be at least to fend off the imposed sectoral sanctions and, as a maximum, also to knock out resources to curb illegal migration.

Lukashenka also sends signals to the Kremlin that, they say, if you want this whole situation to develop, if not completely according to your rules, but within a framework comfortable for you and without involving you in a serious conflict with the West at my suggestion, then pay.

Let us recall as 2-3 years ago, state propaganda presented Lukashenka (and Belarus with him – not vice versa) as a «donor of regional security» capable of ruining the situation in the Donbas, Karabakh, and even Syria.

Up to the impulse to organize a platform for a great dialogue between Russia and the West – a claim to the status of the Finnish ruler Kekkonen, who in the 1970s contributed to the negotiation process between Western countries and the states of the socialist bloc (the Helsinki Accords).

In other words, yesterday Lukashenka actively played the card of a great peacemaker – at least regional, and even with aspiration for a global scale.

The elections of 2020 turned the situation exactly 180 degrees – in new conditions, for his political survival, instead of the «peacekeeping» mission, Lukashenka turned to the «war-making» mission: the West and Russia, get rid of your claims and pay for your peace, so that I do not inadvertently push you with foreheads!

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