Opinion. Serge Kharytonau on raising $10 million by the Red Cross for assistance to migrants

Serge Kharytonau
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На русском языке: Мнение. Серж Харитонов о сборе $10 млн. Красным Крестом для помощи мигрантам
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. Серж Харытонаў пра збор $10 млн Чырвоным Крыжом для дапамогі мігрантам

Serge Kharytonau, iSANS media expert, wrote a post in his Telegram channel that the Red Cross decided to raise $10 million to help migrants in Belarus, despite the fact that there are about 2,000 migrants at the border. It turns out that assistance is going to be provided in the amount of $5,000 per person. We quote his words unchanged.

Joke of the day. The Red Cross at the end of the border crisis decided to create some hype on migrants. Birgitte Bischoff Ebbesen, the Director of the Organization’s European Regional Office, announced an urgent raise of $10 million for 12,000 migrants (you can thank Ebbesen for the excellent initiative on her Twitter).

It comes to a large amount of money. For comparison, Belarus Red Cross states that during the two years of the coronavirus pandemic, it has collected only $3 million to help all 10 million Belarusians. This is three and a half times less than is needed to help migrants, some of whom live in the logistics terminal of Bremino Group (whose owners are called «Lukashenka’s wallets» by the media).

Now about tourists from the Middle East. First of all, there are only about 2,000 of them left at the border. Moreover, in recent days there has been an active repatriation of Kurds – that is, there will be less people at the border every day.

And suddenly the Red Cross appears. Which intends to raise $10 million at the end of the crisis (quoted by Birgitte Bischoff Ebbesen) «life-saving food, water, clothing, bedding and medical care».

Given that the number of remaining unfortunate tourists at the border is not 12,000 people (but only two thousand), we get a delicious budget of $5,000 per person.

I hope that for such an amount (which is much more than the median annual salary in Belarus), the «life-saving food» from Ms. Ebbesen will be truffles and caviar, and the water will be Norwegian artesian VOSS at $4 per bottle.

I hope that with the money raised, the good Red Cross will buy each tourist a good winter jacket Canada Goose for $1,500 each so that guests do not freeze. Let the sleeping accessories be of domestic flax, the best in the world, and let the medical care also be of the highest quality in the world — free (it’s said on TV that in Belarus there is only this one).

And of course, $10 million under no circumstances will get to Lukashenka’s regime. After all, the Red Cross in Belarus is headed by Dmitry Cherednichenko, Lukashenka’s «Deputy Minister of Health». He is a direct subordinate of the «Minister» Dmitry Pinevich, who can never be suspected of having ties with the regime. After all, Lukashenka personally appointed Pinevich (former acting chairman of the Presidium of the Belarusian Red Cross) to the post of «Minister» in the self-proclaimed «government» two weeks after the 2020 elections.

During the elections, three thousand representatives of Belarus Red Cross were appointed members of election commissions throughout the country and adequately fulfilled their task — falsifications were confirmed at 362 stations. After the scandal, Belarus Red Cross promised to investigate the involvement of its employees in the falsification of the elections. As you understand, they figured it out in the same way as the Ministry of Internal Affairs promised to understand the involvement of their employees in the torture of civilians throughout the country. It’s hard to catch themselves.

By the way, could you remind me how much money the Belarusian Red Cross has raised for victims of violence during the entire period of the largest campaign of state terror in the history of our country since 1944?

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