Opinion. Artyom Shraibman on the resignation of Lidiya Ermoshina

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На русском языке: Мнение. Артем Шрайбман об отставке Лидии Ермошиной
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. Арцём Шрайбман пра адстаўку Лідзіі Ярмошынай

Artyom Shraibman, a political analyst, in his telegram channel has published a post in which he discusses why Ermoshina has been sent to retirement anyway, and her position has been taken by Igor Karpenko. We quote his words unchanged.

Well, the era is over. Lidiya Ermoshina, the head of the Central Elections Commission, is retired. Now, probably, a flow of conspiracy theories on this topic will begin.

There’re very few people whom Lukashenko trusts as much as Ermoshina. Everything that depended on her in 2020 and all the years before that – she got that right. At the most acute moment of Lukashenko’s political career (except the last year and a half) — in 1996, she had the CEC on her fragile shoulders after the unconstitutional resignation of Hanchar before the fateful referendum.

Her dismissal is not a mistrust or a disfavor, her term of office expires in December.

The choice was to appoint her for another five years or replace her with the same loyal person. Given that she herself asked to resign five years ago because of her age, and 2020 clearly did not have the best impact on her nervous system, leaving her for another five years, with a referendum and all future elections, is the torture of an elderly woman to whom Lukashenko owes forever.

The figure of her replacement is the best confirmation that the authorities do not plan any reforms in electoral arithmetic.

Igor Karpenko, the former leader of the Communist Party, as the deputy head of the Minsk City Executive Committee, organized the necessary results in the elections in the capital, as the Minister of Education — he coped well with the fulfilling of thousands of election commissions by teachers and school principals, and after 2020 — with purges of the system from disloyal ones.

We wish Lidiya Mikhailovna a long life. She should live long.

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