Opinion. «Volka nogi kormyat» on how there’re less reasons for joy the country

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На русском языке: Мнение. «Волка ноги кормят» о том, как в стране обмельчали поводы для радости
На беларускай мове: Меркаванне. «Ваўка ногі кормяць» аб тым, як у краіне здрабнелі нагоды для радасці

The telegram channel «Volka nogi kormyat» published a post about how the official Minsk exaggerates the victories of athletes in the most ordinary matches, trying to show them as «the greatest achievements in sports». And all this because there are simply no real reasons for joy. Here is the opinion unchanged.

Look what a surrealism: Lukashenko congratulates Dinamo on winning a regular season match. It’s like the King of Spain congratulates Mallorca on their victory over Atletico, and all the wretched propagandists happily repost it.

Therefore, they intensively come up with the principle of the match and allegedly filled stands — 5799 spectators. For comparison, at the previous home match with Jokerit there was almost a full house — 14,671 spectators.

The old man wants to rejoice at someone else’s expense very, very much. So far, there are so few reasons that they’re even hogging Anna Sola’s medals. The same one who did not sign a pro-government letter in support of violence – and whose medal a year ago he ignored in his «congratulations». Now he doesn’t ignore it.

This happens when a person has done everything over the past year to finish off Belarusian sports. You have to celebrate victories in the most ordinary matches and butter up the victories of those who do not show loyalty.

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