A helicopter arrived at «Site 400. Kupol» again

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На русском языке: Утром на «Площадку 400. Купол» вновь прилетал вертолёт
На беларускай мове: Раніцай на «Пляцоўку 400. Купал» зноў прылятаў верталёт

According to information of the Belarusian Hajun project, today at 08:00 (Kyiv time), a Mi-8 helicopter of the Belarusian Air Force took off from Machulishchy airfield and flew to Volma (near Minsk) to the territory of the so-called “Site 400. Kupol.»

After that, the helicopter took off from the Kupol at 08:10, it is very likely that it had brought or taken someone there, as it had already happened a week before, on February 3.

A helicopter arrived at «Site 400. Kupol» again

Aviation activity in the morning of February 10 / Belarusian Hajun

We recall that an electronic warfare system, which caused jamming with GPS/GLONASS navigation systems, has been stationed on the territory of the «Site 400. Kupol» since at least early March 2022. It’s possible that the EW equipment was used to cover/protect the command center.

We first told about it in our article, which was published on the 14th day of the full-scale war.

In addition, helicopter flights around the country are still active:

  • 08:00. Machulishchy → Baranavichy — flight of a group of helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces.
  • 08:15. Machulishchy → Luninets — flight of a Mi-8 helicopter of the Belarusian Air Force.

Also, starting from 10:30, fighters are flying from Baranavichy airfield to Machulishchy airfield. It’s known that at the moment at least 5 fighters have landed in Machulishchy.

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