Antigen tests are started to being used in Belarus

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На русском языке: В Беларуси начался переход на антиген-тесты
На беларускай мове: У Беларусі пачаўся пераход на антыген-тэсты

Belarus is starting to use more actively antigen tests for COVID-19. Alexander Tarasenko, the Chief State Sanitary Doctor, said this on the air of the Belarus 1 state TV channel. According to him, the use of rapid tests for antigen has begun so as not to overload laboratories. They will be done according to the doctor’s prescription, if there are signs of SARS.

At the same time, PCR tests can also get contacts of the first or second level when signs of the disease appear. Thus, the doctor will decide to do a PCR or antigen test to the patient. If tests do not detect COVID-19, then  such testing is not carried out after seven days of self-isolation.

«Firstly, they are done faster, and secondly, they are cheaper than PCR testing. Therefore, we made adjustments to the regulatory documents: first of all, a study on the antigen, and then, at the discretion of the doctor or in the absence of antigen tests, PCR testing is carried out», – Alexander Tarasenko said.

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